Desert Jasmine Enterprises, LLC 

A Comglomorate of Six Micro-businesses

About Us

Our venture into business was inspired by Noble Prize winner, Dr. Mohammad Yunnus’ micro-business movement. Dr. Yunnus’ movement used very small businesses to leverage families out of poverty, in India. 

We were middle class American but we lost our home to foreclosure and fell into the lower class when our breadwinner lost their job, in 2003, right before the housing bubble economic downswing. 

Right after that, three of our family members became too ill to care for themselves. We were faced with the choice of either giving the care of our sick family members to high cost/low quality care and keeping low-paying full-time jobs that we found to replace the high-paying job we bought the house with, or quitting our jobs in order to take care of our family members ourselves, in a  high quality/low cost manner. 

We have found both of these choices to be unacceptable. So, we came up with a third alternative solution. We gave up our traditional full-time jobs, started micro-businesses, and took care of our family members ourselves. This way we plan to set our own schedule, to take care of our family members ourselves, and earn middle class wages.  

Our hope is that this American micro-business solution will be the right solution for us.


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We started selling hypoallergenic products on Ebay, and expanded to renting boarding house rooms to people with special needs in our home. As boarding house managers we honed our skills as property managers, janitors, and landscaping professionals. When our boarding house went out of business, due to prohibitive repair costs, we expanded to providing quality janitorial, landscaping, and property management services to others. We have now merged with Dragon Maintenance, to provide quality home, building, and property management services. We no longer provide janitorial services. 

Our microbusiness are:

Desert Jasmine Concepts

Desert Jasmine House

Truce Property Services, Inc

Omnibios Computer Services

and Stulos Sanitation Squad which merged with Dragon Maintenance)


Trefoil Award for Girl Scout Leader of the Year for Girl Scouts Mile High Council.
Employee of the Month for Gentiva Staffing.
The 2010 Adventure Company Machinma Award for best MMOPG advertisement


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